567 Tone Decoder

  • Wide frequency range (0.01 Hz to 500 kHz)
  • Supply voltage: 5v typical
  • High stability of center frequency
  • Independently controllable bandwidth (up to 14pct)
  • High out-band signal and noise rejection
  • Logic-compatible output with 100mA current sinking capability
  • Inherent immunity to false signals
  • Frequency adjustment over a 20-to-1 range with an external resistor

  • Touch-Tone decoding
  • Carrier current remote controls
  • Ultrasonic controls (remote TV, etc.)
  • Communications paging
  • Frequency monitoring and control
  • Wireless intercom
  • Precision oscillator
The NE567 or SE567 is a Phase Locked Loop (PLL) Tone Decoder.
It is highly stable with synchronous AM lock detection and power output circuitry.
Its primary function is to drive a load whenever a sustained frequency within its detection band is present at the self-biased input.
The bandwidth center frequency and output delay are independently determined by means of four external components.

ircuits using a 567 Tone Decoder: