This fantastic new book has been launched on:

Go to their website for all the details.

You can download it from their website or if the links do not work, here are mirror downloads:
Electronics for Model Railways Part A      (This book is mainly simple theory)
Electronics for Model Railways Part B      (This book is mainly simple theory)

The book above is NOT the same as Talking Electronics books:
These two books are filled with projects

Electronics For Model Railways 1


Air Horn
Capacitor Discharge
Crossing Boom Control
Crossing Expansion
Crossing Sound
Dedicated Microcomputer
Fluorescent Simulator
Hex Train Sensors
LED resistors
Level Crossing
Light Chasers & Shop Displays
Light Sequencer
Pedestrian Crossing
Power Supply
Remote Relay Unit
Rotating Lights
Scale Fluorescent Lamps
Searchlight Adaptor
Shop Display Driver
Shop Display PC board
Street Signs
Three Colored LEDs
Train Detector
Warning Lamp Unit


Electronics For Model Railways 2

Level Crossing Lights
Economy Power Supply
Tunnel Stretcher & Station Signal
Computers and Model Railways
Delay Module
Walk-Around Throttle
Servo Driver
Diesel Sound Generators
Simple PWM Throttle
Fibre Optics


New book 'Electronics for Model Railways' launched

The book has been written by MERG member, Davy Dick. Asked why he wrote it, he said:

I believe that there is a need for a book that tries to encompass the broad electronic facets of our hobby.

It is intended to help new MERG members and those who might be drawn to our activities.

There is not a lot of material out there, mainly old texts or books that solely cover DCC. I think that the contents will be widely welcomed.

I have trialled the book to selected MERG members covering a range of knowledge and experience, with favourable feedback.

You can download a copy using the links below (the book itself is in 2 parts). There are just a few conditions:

  • The book is intended as a service to the model railway community.
  • It is not a commercial product.
  • It is strictly a non-profit production.
  • It must not be used for monetary gain.
  • It is free to distribute and read.
  • There will be no changes to book contents or its use without permission of the author.


Author's notes

Chapter Headings

Part A

Part B

Copyright statement

2014 by David Dick

  • All rights reserved under the Attribution-Non-Commercial-NoDerivatives Licence.
  • This book may be freely copied and distributed but may not be changed or added to without prior written permission of the author.
  • This book is free and its material may not be used for commercial purposes.
  • This book is issued as, without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied, respecting the contents of this book, including but not limited to implied warranties for the book's quality, performance, or fitness for any particular purpose.
  • Neither the author or distributors shall be liable to the reader or any person or entity with respect to any liability, loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by this book. All trade names and product names are the property of their owners.


    After downloading Part A and Part B of Electronics for Model Railways,  print the following list of corrections and keep them handy:

    PART A
    P 151  LEDs are up-side down
    P 168  The BC 557 should be BC547 - a base resistor may be needed.

    PART B

    P 8  The 150R limits the current to 60mA 
    P 8   The green LED should be red and the red LE should be green
    P 30 The BC557 circuit will not work
    P 34 The BC557 should be BC547
    P 121 D2 not needed
    P 135 Only one 1k resistor should be used and this will prevent reverse voltage on the LEDs.
    P 149 The green LED should be red and the red LE should be green
    P 159 10k on pin 4 not needed
    P 175 10k on pin 4 not needed
    P 177 10k on pin 4 not needed
    P 185 red LED up-side-down
    P 198  MCD should ne mCd