Aarohi Communications Inc. networks storage
AB-Semicon communication ICs, memories
Acard networks storage
ACC Microelectronics 486 System-on-Chips, Controllers
Accutek Microcircuit Corporation memories(DRAM, SRAM)
ACM, Inc. MOSFETs, Analog Switch, converter
ACQUTEK semiconductor packaging
Actel programmable logic solutions, FPGAs
Adamya Technologies bluetooth cores
Adaptec networking
Adaptive Networks] communication ICs
ADMtek communications
Advanced Analogic Technologies power managements, MOSFETs
Advanced Communication Devices ethernet ICs
Advanced Hall Sensors hall sensors
Advanced Hardware Architectures error correction
Advanced Interconnection Technology ball grid array and leaded packages
Advanced Linear Devices MOSFETs, op amps, dual slope A/D frontend converters, voltage comparators
Advanced Logic Devices microprocessor products
Advanced Micro Devices microprocessors, memories
Advanced MicroSensors thin film devices
Advanced Monolithic Systems voltage references, power management and temp control integrated circuits
Advanced Micro Systems motor control ICs
Advanced Photonix, Inc. led, pin diode, avalanche photodiode
Advanced Power Technology mosfet, igbt, diode, power module, rf transistor, rf bipolar transistor, ldmos
Advanced RISC Machines processors
Advanced Semiconductor Inc. rf and microwave power transistors
Advanced Semiconductor Engineering bumping, flip chip
Advanced Wireless Semiconductor Company GaAs HBT foundry
Agere Systems Inc. ICs for wireless data, high-density storage and multiservice networking
Agile Systems Inc. digital power ICs
Agilent Technologies Inc. motion control, RF, microwave, ICs, opto
Agility Communications Inc. widely tunable laser solutions for the optical network
AHS Advanced Hall Sensors magnetic hall sensors
AIC Analog Integrations Corp. DC/DC converters, regulators, battery management, current drivers
Aimtron Technology communications, power management
AIP Analog Integration Partners, LLC Analog/mixed-signal IP's
Airgo Networks wireless technology and products
Airify Communications, Inc communications
AItech International video signal processing
AKM Semiconductor, Inc mixed signals
Alcor Micro communications
Alereon, Inc. UWB chipsets for personal area networking applications
Alesis Semiconductor DSP signal processors
Alfalight Inc. power diode laser
Ali system peripheral ICs
Alliance Semiconductor DRAM, SRAM
alpha microelectronics gmbh high voltage ICs analog mixed signal ICs
Alpha Microelectronics Corp. Ltd. voice/ melody synthesizer ICs
Alphamosaic video processing
Altera FPGA, CPLD and Programmable Logic Devices
AmberWave Systems Corp. supplier of strained silicon technology
AMD microprocessors, memories
AMCC (Applied Micro Circuits) PCI, Networking, Clocking, ASIC
American Bright Optoelectronics Corp. LEDs, LED lamps
Ami Semiconductor ASIC, wireless, transceiver, motion control
American Opto Plus LEDs
American Semiconductor Inc. foundry
American Xtal Technology, Inc. compound semiconductor substrates, LEDs, VCSELs
Amertron Incorporated optoelectronics, fiber optics
Amkor Technology stacked packaging, flip chip, microleadframe, fystem-in-package
Amlogic system-on-a-chip solutions
Amphus IP for digital video and image coding system-on-chip design
Amplifonix microwave and rf amplifiers
AMtek SEMICONDUCTORS CO. LTD. motor drivers, analog and mixed mode IC for CD/VCD/DVD player
Anadigics, Inc. GaAs ICs for communication
Analog Devices analog, mixed-signal and digital signal processing ICs
Analog Integrations Corp. analog integrated circuits for power management
Analog Microelectronics, Inc. (AME) analog and mixed-signal power management ICs
Analog Microelectronics GmbH asics, sensors
Antek Semiconductor Corp. foundry
Anam Semiconductor foundry
Andigilog mixed signals
Anpec Electronics Corp. power IC, mixed signal IC, and power discrete devices design.
Apex Microtechnology PWM amplifier, motion controller
Applied Micro Circuits Corp.(AMCC) PCI, ASIC
Applied Optronics laser diodes
ARC integrated solutions for system-on-chip (SoC) design
Arizona Microtek, Inc. asic, ecl/pel logic ICs, mixed signal ICs
ARK Logic graphics
Array Microsystems digital video solutions
Artimi Ltd wide band solutions
Artisan Components Inc. ip components for the design and manufacture of system-on-a-chip ics
Ashvattha Semiconductor wireless, gps and data rf on a single chip
ASI (Austin Semiconductor Inc.) memories
ASIC Advantage, Inc. asics
ASIC Northwest, Inc. asics
ASICOM mixed signals, asic
Asiliant Technologies display controllers
ASIX ICs for networking, communication, connecting
Aspex Technology communications processors
Athena Semiconductors Inc. system-on-chip for video, audio and data communication
Atheros Communications wireless communications
ATI Technologies Inc. graphics, multimedia
Atmel non-volatile memories, fpga, microcontroller
Atsana Semiconductor Corp. media processing solutions
Attansic Technology Corp. asic
Auctor Corp. media processing
AudioCodes voice, networking
Audio Processing Technology audio processing
Austria Mikro Systeme foundry, asic, communication ICs
AuthenTec, Inc. fingerprint sensors
Avalon Photonics Ltd. VCSELs
Avanex Corporation photonic processors
AverLogic communication, video controllers
Azalea Microelectronics Corp. memory ICs
Azanda Network Devices Inc. communication ICs

Ball Semiconductor spherical chips
Banderacom Inc. networking, storage and server computing
Bandwidth9 vcsels
Banner Engineering Corp. photoelectric sensors
Barco Silex asic/fpga design to advanced soc/sopc
Basis Communications network processors
Bermai Inc. chipsets for wireless applications
Betheltronix rf ic
Bharat Electronics Limited transistors
Biomorphic VLSI Inc. cmos image sensors
BitBlitz Communications high-speed CMOS devices
Brilliance Semiconductor sram
Boston Laser Inc. high power semiconductor lasers
Bright Research leds
Bright View Electronics leds
Broadcom Corporation networking, wireless lan, voice over ip

California Micro Devices integrated passives, analog semiconductors and chip scale packaging
Catalyst Semiconductor memory
C-Cube Microsystems
Celeritek power amplifiers, discrete power gaas fets, small signal chips
Celeritous Technical Services replacements for discontinued or obsolete integrated circuits
Celestica electronics manufacturing services
Celis Semiconductor memories
Cellular3G Inc. communications
Centaur Technology x86 processors
Centellax Inc. broadband microwave applications, optical communications
Centillium Communications, Inc. communications
Central Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation foundry
Century Microelectronics memories
Century Semiconductor Inc. mixed signals
Central Semiconductor small signal transistors, power transistors, jfets, rectifiers
Cermetek Microelectronics communications
CET power mosfets
Chameleon Systems, Inc. communications, processors
Chip Express asics
Chi Mei Optoelectronics lcds
Chip Supply wafer saw, wafer bumping, chip scale packaging
Chrontel video ics
Chrysalis-ITS communications, network security
Cirrus Logic analog, digital signal processing (DSP) and mixed-signal chips
Cisco Systems Inc. communications
Citizen Electronics leds
Clairex Technologies, Inc leds, infrared, photodiodes
Clare Micronix mixed-signals
Cologne Chip ISDN controller
Consumer Microcircuits Ltd. communiation
Cristalonics transistors, diodes
Cypress Semiconductor networking
Cyrix processors

Daico Industries if/rf and microwave control, amplifiers
Dain Electronics leds
Dallas Semiconductor analog, mixed signal
Dalsa ccd sensors, analog & mixed signal cmos
Datel dc/dc converters, pc-104 power, digital panel meters, data acquisition
Davicom Semiconductor networking and communication
DC Components Co. Ltd. leds
DCI Inc. lcd displays
DCM Technologies communications
Delta Optoelectronics Inc. displays
Deltron Inc diodes
Denali Software Inc. memory processors
DPAC Technologies memory stacking, wireless
Detection Technology silicon photodiodes, radiation detectors
DenseLight Semiconductors lasers
Device Engineering receivers, transceivers
Dialight leds
Dialog Semiconductor CMOS sensor
Digital Communication Technologies java processors
Digital Voice Systems voice compression
Diodes Inc. diodes
Discera rf microcomponents
Discovery Semiconductors ingaas photodiodes
Divio imaging, compression
Domosys Corp. transceiver
Dongbu Electronics foundry
DSP Group speech-processing, communication, rf
DSPfactory Ltd. dsp
Dynex Semiconductor igbt, thyristors, diodes, saw filters
Dynex Semiconductor igbt, diodes, thyristors

E2O Communications Inc. serial data transceivers, vcsels
E2V Technologies rf, microwave and sensing components
Echelon networking
Ecliptek frequency control products
eDevice Technology communication
EIC Semiconductor diodes, rectifiers
Elan Microelectronics Corp. (Europe) risc microcontrollers
Elcom Technologies Inc. rf/microwave signaling devices
Elcos leds, opto electronics
Elecsys Corporation lcd, led
Electronic Devices bridges, low and high voltage rectifiers, and high voltage assemblies
ElecVision Inc. cmos image sensing ic
Elekon leds, phototransistors, photodiodes, photodetectors
Eletech Enterprise voice compression
Elite Semiconductor Memory Technology Inc. srams, drams, efst/ flash
Elite Semiconductor Products transistors, diodes, triacs, rectifiers
Elixent Ltd.
Elliptic Semiconductor communications
ELM Electronics home, electronics bench, interconnection of various devices, fun
ELMOS asics
Elpida memory
Emcore Corporation solar cells, diodes, laser diodes
EM Microelectronic-Marin ultra low power, low voltage integrated circuits
Episil Technologies Inc. foundry
Ericsson Power Modules DC/DC power modules
ESS Technology internet, broadband communication
ETI radio and microwave frequency, narrowband and wideband subsystems and components
Etron Technology dram, sram, lcd controller
Eupec power electronics
Evatronix ip cores
Exar analog and mixed-signal communications

F3, Inc. community area network/ethernet first miles chipsets, optical/electrical converter chipsets
Fairchild Semiconductor power, interface, analog, mixed signal, logic, optoelectronic
Faraday soc design service, asics
Fast-Chip, Inc. network processors
Fast Analog Solutions analog solutions
FCI semiconductors, diodes, magnetics
FEMA Electronics LCDs, LEDs
FillFactory active pixel cmos image sensor technology (aps)
Filtronic wireless communication
FireComms Ltd. optical data transmission
Fitel Technologies, Inc. optical communication
FlexICs Inc. semiconductors on plastic
Flextronics Semiconductor asics
FOCUS Enhancements Inc. video
Formosa MicroSemi Co. Ltd. schottky, diodes, rectifiers
Foryard Optoelectronics Co. Ltd. leds
Foton diodes
Foveon image sensors
Frontier Electronics rectifiers
Frontier Silicon soc devices for digital tv, digital radio
FTDI usb device solutions, asic design
Fuji Semiconductor Inc. igbt, mov, mosfet, rectifier diodes
Fujitsu Compound Semiconductor, Inc. lightwave/optoelectronics, microwave fets and mmics
Fujitsu Microelectronics (USA) asics, memory, controllers
Fujitsu Europe asics
Fujitsu Inc., Japan
Fulcrum Microsystems Inc. high-performance switch chip
FuPo Electronics Corporation turn key services for lcd driver ic

G-Alantic Enterprise microcontrollers
G-Link Technology memories, srams, drams
GaAsTEK GaAs, microwave
Galaxy Power power management
GELcore LEDs
GEM generalized emulation of microcircuits
Gemfire Corporation optical components
Gennum video, hearing instruments, data communication
Germanium Power Devices infrared photodetectors
GET Engineering NTDS interfaces
Global Communications Semiconductors compound semiconductor foundry
Global Communication Technology wireless communications
Global Mixed-mode Technology Inc. analog ics
GlobespanVirata/A> broadband DSL and wireless networking
Globe Technology LEDs, phototransistors
Globe Technology (H.K.) Ltd. LEDs
GlobiTech Inc. CMOS epitaxial wafer foundry
Glotrex communications
GMT Inc. analog, mixed signals
GSI Technology memories, srams, sigma rams

Hamamatsu Photonics photodiodes, infrared detectors, arrays
High Tech Chips, Inc. drivers, controllers
Highlight Optoelectronics Inc. LEDs
Hitachi Nippon Steel Semiconductor foundry
Hittie Corp. amplifiers, attenuators, dividers, detectors
Holtek 8-Bit mcu, display driver, memory
Honeywell Solid State Electronics Center sensors, laserdiodes, VCSELs
Hutson Industries
Hyperstone Electronics
Hynix dram, sram, chipsets
Hytek Microsystems laser diodes drivers

I&C Technology Co.,Ltd communications
Ibis Technology Corporation SIMOX-SOI wafer
ICT fpga
IDS Electronics assembly, test service
Imagination Technologies Group video, IP cores
Imaging Devices Inc.] image sensors
IMC high power laser diodes
Imedia Semiconductor Corporation communications, networking
IMP analog ics, foundry
INCIDE, S.A. ic design (cmos, bicmos,sige, gaas)
Infineon Technologies AG memor, microcontroller, sensors, wireless communication, power semiconductors
Infinite Technology Corporation soc design service
Inova Semiconductors GmbH high speed serial data communication products
Innovations for High Performance microelectronics communications
Innovative Micro Technology Inc. mems
Innovative Semiconductors, Inc. intellectual property cores
Integrated Circuit Systems video, communications, multimedia
Integrated Technology Express controllers
Integrated Telecom Express Inc. ADSL communications
Integration Associates Inc. mixed-signal ASICs
Intel processors, microcontrollers
Intense Photonics optical communications
InterDigital wireless communications
Intellon home networking
International Rectifier power transistors
International Semiconductor Inc. diodes
International Semiconductor Technology mixed signals
Interpoint dc/dc power handling, custom devices
Intersil power management, analog
Irvine Sensors Corporation image proessing, vision sstems
Isocom optocoupler, optoisolators

JSI Miroelectronics asics

Kawasaki LSI communication
KC Technology bluetooth communication
Kingmax Optoelectronics vcsels, epitaxial foundry
Kionix Inc. mems, sensors
Klavis Technologies audio

Lansdale Semiconductor obsolete
Lanwave Components wireless
Lattice Semiconductor pld
Linear Systems mosfets, jfets
Linear Technology voltage regulators, power management
LNL Technologies optoelectronics
Logic Devices dsp, imaging processing
LogicVision Inc.
Longshan Electronic Technology Developement Co. Ltd. LEDs
LSI Computer Sytems custom ics
LSI Logic communications
Lucas NovaSensor sensors
Lucent Technologies networking
Lumex optoeletronics
Luxsonor multimedia

M/A - Com rf
Macronix memory
Marktech Optoelectronics leds and led drivers
Marvell Semiconductor fiber optics networks
Maxim Integrated Products a/d d/a converter, opamps
Maxtek multichip modules
Medianix Semiconductor audio
Melexis sensors
Micrel Semiconductor voltage regulators, mosfet, display drivers
Microchip Technology mirocontroller
Micro Hybrids hybrid micro circuit
Micro-Linear wireless, networking
Micron Technology memory
Microsemi voltage regulators, rectifiers
MicroUnity multimedia
Mini-Circuits rf ics
MIPS Technologies (SGI) microprocessors
MOSAID Technologies memory
Mosel-Vitelic memory
Motorola Semiconductor Products analog ics, dsp, memory
MRV Communications communication
MX-COM rf ics, modem ics
Mysticom dsp, mixed signals

Nanya memory
National Semiconductor interface, networking ics, microproessors
NEC Electronis memory, microprocessors, rf ics
Neomagic soc, communications
Novalog analog and mixed-signal ics, infrared subsystems

Oasis Semiconductor controller for copy, scanner, fax, print
ON Semiconductors clock management, bipolar, igbts, mosfets, power manafement
Optek Technology fiber optics, sensors, optoisolators
OPTI, Inc. lcd controllers
Optotek leds
Oren Semiconductor digital tv demodulators
Oxford Semiconductor ics for mpeg, firewire

Panasonic home networks
Performance Semiconductor military processors, srams
Pericom Semiconductor interface logic ics, networking ics
Philips Semiconductor wireless communications, multimedia
Pico Electronics dc/dc converters
PMC-Sierra networking ics
PowerDsine Ltd. data, voice
Power Integrations power conversion
PowerTech silicon power transistors
Prema asic

QLogic scsi controllers
Qualcomm wireless communication
Quick Logic fpga

Rabbit Semiconductor microprocessors
Radisys Corporation controllers
Raltron Electronics
Rambus memory
Raytheon Semiconductor
RF Micro Devices amplifiers, receivers, transceivers

Sandbridge Technologies Inc. telecommunications
SandCraft processors
SanDisk flash data storage
Sensory embedded speech technology
Semiconductor Technology high voltage transistor, n-channel mosfet, igbt
Semtech analog and mixed-signal semiconductor for communications
Sharp Microelectronics mcu, soc, memor, optoelectronics
Sigma Designs digital media processing
Sigmatel mixed-signal ICs, audio, wireless
Silicon Magic memories
Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. flash memories
Silicon Value asics
Simtek nvram
Siquest gate arrays
Sirenza Microdevises rf components
Sony Semiconductor memories, ir, wireless communications
ST Microelectronics miroproccessors, memories, pld
Standard Microsystems pc controller ics, networking ics
Summit Microelectronics voltage controllers, supervisory circuits
Supertex high voltage ics, dmos-transistors
Synopsys, Inc. semiconductor cores, EDA
Synova, Inc. core products
SynSemi Inc. diodes, rectifiers, TVS
Syntek Semiconductor usb
System General pwm controllers
System to ASIC asics
Systemonic AG system-on-chip products, dsps

Taiwan GPP diodes
Taiwan Memory Technology memories
Taiwan Micropaq Corporation IC packaging
Taiwan Oasis Technology Co. LEDs
Taiwan Semiconductors diodes
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd. foundry
TDK Semiconductor Corp. communications
Texas Instruments DSP, wireless communications
THAT audio
Toshiba America multimedia ICs, networking ICs, CMOS logic
Tower Semiconductor Flash memories, CMOS image sensor
Transwitch networking ICs
Tripath Technology digital power processing
Triquint Semiconductor rf, digital, mixed signal ICs, wireless communication
Triscend systems-on-chip
Triton Network Systems communications
TRONIC'S Microsystems SA mems
Tropian communications
TrueLight Corporation vcsels, gaas pin and ingaas pin photodiodes
Trumeter Co. lcd displays
Trumpion Microelectronics Inc. controllers
TRW gaas telecom products
TTPCom Ltd. [TTP Communications Plc.] wireless communications ip cores
Tundra Semiconductors memory controller, vme, pci interfaces
Turbo IC memories
Tvia graphics and video accelerators
Twin Hill Corp. LEDs
TwinMOS Technologies Inc. memories
Tyntek Corporation LEDs, GaAs epitaxial wafers

U-Chip Technology Corp. srams, nvms, micro-controllers, audio power amplifier
U.R.T. (United Radiant Technology Corporation) lcds
UB Video, Inc. video compression
Ubicom communications
Ucomm IC testing
UDC (Universal Display Corporation) OLEDs
UDT Sensors sensors, photodiodes
UEC (United Epitaxy Company Ltd.) vcsels, epi wafers
Ulm Photonics optoelectronics
United Monolithic Semiconductors (UMS) millimetre wave GaAs

VARI-L Company, Inc. now: Sirenza Microdevices
Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation sram, dram
Vbest electronics Ltd. LCDs
VCI memories
Vectron Technologies voltage controlled oscillators, SAW filters
Velio Communications communications, ethernet
Verasity Technologies Inc. security processor
Veridicom fingerprint authentication
Vertical Circuits Inc. memories
VideoLocus Inc. now: LSI Logic
Videologic multimedia ICs
ViewAhead Technologies Inc. solutions for mfps and personal imaging devices
Vimicro Corp. communications
Virage Logic Corp. semiconductor intellectual property (IP) platforms
Virtium Technology Inc. memory modules
Vitesse Semiconductor datacom & telecom ICs
VLSI Technology networking ICs, datacom ICs

WaveSplitter Technologies optical components and modules for telecommunications
Wei Din leds
Winbond sram, video ICs, telephony ICs, embedded processors
WIN Semiconductors gaas foundry
WIS Technologies multimedia communications
Wisair wireless communication chipsets
Wolfson Microelectronics Ltd. communications ics, networking ics

X-FAB mixed signal foundry
Xanoptix hybrid ics
Xecom controllers
Xicor, Inc. eeproms, flash
Xilinx, Inc. fpga, cpld
XtremeSpectrum communications

Yamaha audio, graphics, communications
Yiguang China Company leds

Zarlink Semiconductor analog & digital switches
Zagros Networks communications
Zaram Technology dsp cores
Zeevo system on chip
Z Communications voltage controlled oscillators
Zetex Semiconductors transistors, diodes, amplifiers
Zforce Communications communications
Zilog microcontrollers, microprocessors
ZMD (Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden) mixed signal, gate arrays, memories
Zoran multimedia ics
ZSP Corporation digital signal processors
Zyray Wirelesss communications