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Here are 25,500 links:

A very good course in electronics:
Another good course: United States Navy Electronic Training Course

Link supplied by Amanda:

Liapac Technology (Commlinx) Schematics - 2,000 circuits
David L. Jones of Tronnort Technology Links - quite a number of links
RadioLocman circuits archive
- over 9,000 circuits
SatCure Electronics
  - many links
Simon of "Electronics 2000"  links

The EE Compendium Links

101 Electronics Links
- 100's of Links
Data Bookshelf Links

Dontronics Links

ePanorama Links
- at least 1,000 links
mikroElektronika Magazine Links

Printed Circuit Board Repairs and other helpful advice  -  home page
Robotics UK Links
- lots of electronics links
Robotics Links  - 1,000 links
Robotic link supplied by Beth Loomis:   - 1,000 circuits and links
Tony van Roon's - Circuits and Links
Transistor Database
Resistor Guide A site to help you understand the resistor colour code, and more.
Data Bookshelf
SMD Markings - very large database
Philips SM transistor markings
Some interesting Electronics Links
Discover Circuits
Discussion Forum - All About Circuits Discussion forum
Replacement circuit for the 3909 LED flasher IC

There are lots of good FORUMS on the web for electronics hobbyists. You just have to be careful with the information you receive from other contributors as many of them supply incorrect information.
Here are just a few:
Discussion Forum - All About Circuits Discussion forum

Hobby Projects  - lots of good links

Make:  Make

Maker Pro:   https://Maker.Pro/

Model Aircraft

Electronic circuits by Hobby Projects

Soldering  by a student: Brendan

From Ava, a Girl Scout:
From Brielle:

To learn all about OP-AMPs:

--- by Bruce Carter, Op-Amp Applications Expert

Here is a whole range of helpful ideas and things for newcomers to Electrical/electronics, from Nicole:

Andy Collinson SCHEMATICS  - 161 schematics

IRF530 MOSFET rated to 100V
Soshin GFWB3 Bandpass filter thru hole component.
PN918 RF transistor
RF2334 SOT23 RF transistor
MPS3563 RF Transistor Data Sheet.  The ZTX320 is now discontinued
MPSH10P RF Transistor Data Sheet. Tests showed this was not better than the ZTX320.
BA5417 New Rohm audio IC
Philips BF410D
NTE112 silicon small signal schottky diode
TDA7057AQ 2x5W DC Volume Control
Female 9 and 25 pin D connector pin functions.
AN177. Overview of PLL's.
5mm LED General Data Sheet. What is a Varactor Diode - Zetex
BC327, BC328 transistor.
Data Sheet ISD 32 40 48 & 64 second chips.


Advanced Analogic Technologies
Advanced Linear Devices
Analog Devices
AVX (passive components)
Burr-Brown (now part of Texas Instruments)
California Micro Devices
Catalyst Semiconductor
Central Semiconductor
Clare (solid state relays)
Clairex Technologies (mfr. of LDRs)
1845 Summit Ave., Suite 403
Plano TX 75074
972-422-4676 (voice)
972-423-8628 (FAX)
Now a division of Perkin-Elmer
Cypress Semiconductor
Dallas Semiconductor
As of 9/19/01, Dallas is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Maxim
Datel, Inc.
Fairchild Semiconductor
FTD (USB Chips)
General Instruments
Hewlett-Packard (optoelectronics) (diodes & transistors)
International Rectifier (home page) (dc-to-dc converters) (motor control)
Kemet (capacitors)
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation
Linear Technology
Maxim Integrated Products
Microchip Technology
Microsemi corporation
National Semiconductor
NKK (switches)
NTE Replacement Semiconductors
OKI Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor
Perkin-Elmer Optoelectronics (formerly VACTEC and Clarex)
2175 Mission College Blvd.
Santa Clara CA 95054
408-565-0857 (voice)
408-565-0703 FAX)
Philips Semiconductors
Pico Electronics, Inc. (transformers & inductors)
Rabbit Semiconductor
RF Microwaves
Or is it ...
Seiko Instruments
Semtech Corp.
Sensirion (temperature & humidity sensors)
Sipex Corp.
Steward (ferrites, inductive products etc.)
ST Microelectronics
Supertex, Inc.
Texas Instruments (home page) (analog devices) (digital devices)
Vactec (mfr of LDRs)
Was a division of EG&G in St. Louis, now a division of Perkin-Elmer, still in St. Louis.
Vishay Intertechnology
VLSI Solution (MP3 chips)
Wireless Components, Power Dividers, Power Combiners for wireless-band frequencies 0.7 to 2.7GHz. (soon 0.6 to 6.0GHz). Power up to 40 watts.

Zetex Semiconductors
Miscellaneous generic datasheet sources:


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You have heard of the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE.  See the "IG Nobel Prize" - awarded to people who carried out unusual ideas and pursuits.


Welcome to parts
Russia. meters
Billington Valves and Tubes of Billingshurst West Sussex England tubes
Vacuum Tubes - BOI AudioWorks tubes
Switches, industrial switches, 8mm 16mm 22mm 30mm switches, pushbuttons, emergency stops, rotary and selector switches, indicators, sub-miniature, key-lock switches, rugged keyboards, PIN-entry keypads switches
Euro-Tech Export Ltd. Electronic components. parts
Farnell / Electronic Component Distributors / Suppliers / Electronics, Electrical Parts, Electrical Components and Wholesale Electronics. parts parts
Home Page @ Groove Tubes tubes
IMS Distributor of Meters, Instruments meters
Welcome to microchipDIRECT mcu
Mouser Electronics - Electronic Component Distributor parts
US - Electronic Components Distributor | parts
Taiwan Nissei Sokki Co., Ltd.--VU Meter,Analog Meter,Panel Meter,Multi-Meter,SWR & Power Meter,PH Meter,Moisture Meter,Alcohol Tester meters, displays
Sifam Components | Analogue Meters & Control Knobs |Contract manufacturing meters, knobs
DealExtreme: Cool Gadgets at the Right Price - Site-Wide Free Shipping (Page 1) gadgets
Build a GPS synchronized nixie clock using our nixie tubes /nixie tubes
ePartGrocer parts


Jaycar Electronics - Better. More Technical. parts


Pgina da Aliatron parts
ELFA -- Elektronikdistribut÷r i norra Europa parts
Helmut Singer Elektronik - Mess- und Kommunikationstechnik - Electronic Test- and Measurement Equipment surplus semiconductors parts
Welcome to Radionics On-line parts

United Kingdom

Digi-Key Corporation - United Kingdom Home Page parts
N R Bardwell Ltd - electronic components, transistors, semiconductors, diodes, opto, ic's, leads, connectors, power supply, computer, inverters, switches, disco, batteries, speakers, microphones, fuses, multimeters, boxes, aerial amplifiers. transfor parts
Bitsbox Electronic Components parts
Bluebell Audio parts
Bowood Electronics - Suppliers of electronic components (UK) parts
Professional Audio and Video Equipment - Canford Online meters
Cool Components - Olimex, Arduino, Sparkfun, GPS, Bluetooth, PIC MCUs, ARM MCUs, programmers, debuggers and much more. kits
htttp:// parts
Cricklewood Electronics CCTV and Electronic Components parts
Display Electronics- Europe's largest surplus stockist - 18,000,000 items from stock surplus
Electronic Project Kits, Batteries, Electronic Components, Velleman Project Kit parts
ESR Electronic Components Ltd - 0845 251 4363 - parts
Grandata Online parts
Greenweld - Welcome surplus
Jaycar Electronics - Better. More Technical. parts
Maplin Electronics ? Website- UBISurfer Netbook with GPRS Mobile Access parts
Millhill Home Page tools parts
Potentiometer switch manufacturer, Omeg pots
Rapid | Distributors of electronic components, electrical products and educational supplies parts
SK Pang Electronics - Home parts
SOWTER AUDIO TRANSFORMERS (audio) transformers
Welcome to the Web Pages of Sycom parts
electronic, robotic and educational technology projects from parts
Viewcom Electronics - Home Page parts
Watford Valves :: Watford valves is a U.K company that has become one of Europe's leading supliers of tested, graded and guaranteed valves to the professional music industry. tubes
Conrad Electronic - Europe`s leading electronics and technology online specialist parts

United States
Electronic Goldmine - Electronics, Circuits, Robots, LED, Solar, Kits & Surplus Electronic Parts parts
American Science & Surplus : Items Just Off the Truck surplus
AE Electronics parts
All Electronics | Electronic and Electro-Mechanical Parts and Supplies at Discount Prices parts
Allied Electronics - Electronic Components Distribution parts
Alltronics parts
Power Amp Kits by AmpsLab parts
Apex Jr.Home Page parts
Arrow Electronics - North American Components (NAC) parts
BGMicro Hobby Electronics and Parts parts
Cascade Surplus Electronics surplus
CWS ByteMark, largest supplier of toroids, ferrite cores, iron powder cores, MPP cores and RF cores ferrites, etc
DigiKey Corp. | Electronic Components Distributor | United States Home Page parts
Electronix Express - Electronics for Schools and Industry parts
Vacuum Tubes and Electron Tubes for Industry tubes
E-Switch - Home switches
HSC Electronic Supply - Silicon Valley's Electronic Marketplace parts
HMC Electronics - Products for Electronic Assembly and Repair parts, tools
HGR Industrial Surplus - We sell everything surplus parts parts, tubes parts
MPJA - Power Supply, Power Supplies, Security Cameras, LCD, Fans, Etc. parts
Basic Electronic Tutorials On AC, DC, Semiconductor, and Digital Theory parts - Speakers, Speaker Building, Home Audio and Video, Pro Audio, Electronic Parts & Accessories PARTS EXPRESS, Speakers, Speaker Parts, Guitar speakers, Bass speakers, Woofers, Drivers, speaker upgrades and replacement speakers. Emine parts
Ramsey Electronics parts
Redco Audio cables, connectors
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State Electronics - Custom Potentiometers - Electronic Parts Distribution custom pots & knobs
Surplus Shed surplus
Capacitors, Resistors, Connectors, LED, Varistors from WIMA, AOP, PIHER, NEMCO, FISHER, CAPAX, ARCO, SAURO, SFI capacitors
Orlando Vacuum Tubes tubes Audio and vacuum tubes for your amplifier. tubes
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Antique Electronic Supply tubes tubes tubes
Vacuum Tubes, Inc., Vacuum Tubes, Electron Tube, Radio Tubes, Audio Tubes, Industrial Tubes, Guitar Tubes, Capacitors, Tube Sockets, Tube Testers tubes
NightFire Electronic Kits : NightFire Electronics parts
Circuit Specialists - Data Acquisition - Industrial Computers - Fluke Test Equipment - Components & Supplies... parts
Pololu Robotics and Electronics robotics & parts
Parallax Products robotics
Cree LEDs - Led Driver - Led Fixtures - Led Optics - Luxeon LEDs - LED LED drivers
Modern Device Company lcd displays
Surplus Sales of Nebraska surplus  - 70 Million components and datasheets

More links
  -   added 11-5-2011

Schematic symbols:


Official website

Digi-Key UK

Digi-Key Canada

Digi-Key Germany

Digi-Key Denmark

Digi-Key International (This one contains all above links amongst Digi-Key locations.


RS Electronics:



Mouser Electronics:

data sheets, your first line of defense is

breadboards, and circuit building.

This site looks like a pretty good one.

A few more links.

Links supplied by  Tara Pattinson: 

"Electric Appliance Hobbies, Resources, and Projects"

Link supplied by Amanda: