Welcome to my section .  .  .

For those that followed me from Poptronics, a warm welcome.
The demise of Poptronics was as much a surprise to me as to anyone. I am happy that Colin  has given me the opportunity to continue writing a column. I will start by re-issuing and updating some of my projects and adding new material as we go along.
Many of the projects are available as a kit and this will enable everyone to build the project. Nearly every project has one or two difficult-to-obtain components and this requires the kit-producer to purchase 100 or more of the items and keep them in stock. Accordingly, the kit producer has a high up-front cost and this has to be appreciated when thinking about buying the components separately.
All the kits supplied through this site are very reasonably priced and ordering is very simple.
All you have to do is click
here and I will send you all the details and prices by email.




              Speech Recognition

      Save Speech Recognition as a Word Document.
                        Download: SpeechWord.zip  (172kb)

      Save Speech Recognition as an HTML file for viewing in FrontPage.
                        Download: SpeechHTML.zip (166kb)

      Save Speech Recognition as a PDF file for viewing with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
                        Download: Speech.zip (1Mb)

     Save Speech Recognition as an E-Book.
                        Download: SpeechE-Book   (530kb)