The following is a list of the projects in
issues 1 - 15 of Talking Electronics
Some kits are available.
Some parts are available for other kits
and some kits are not available AT ALL.
Email Colin Mitchell with your order
to get a costing plus the cost of postage.

AM Pocket Radio
 Issue 8
An AM Radio using ZN414 IC

Big Ear    Issue 12
Listen to distant sounds via a sensitive microphone
and transmit them via FM to a radio

Black Jack   Issue 11
Play the game of Black Jack

Combination Lock   Issue 5
A simple project to toggle a relay.

Continuity Tester  Issue 14
Tests for Continuity

Co-Ordinator   Issue 14
A game of skill

Counter Module   Issue 10
A 4 digit counter using a single chip.

Cube Puzzle  Issue 8
An electronic version of Rubikís cube.

Digi Chaser   Issue 8
Program 8 LEDs to create a pattern

Diode Tester   Issue 6
Tests diodes and indicates which lead is the cathode.

Dual Power Supply   Issue 11
+/- 5v 12v or 15v

Egg Timer   Issue 6
A 3 minute timer for eggs.

8 Watt Amplifier  Issue 9
An 8 watt amp using an LM 383 or TDA 2002.

Experimenter Board 1 - 8 Issue 1!
A series of 8 projects built on a re-usable P.C. Board.

Experimenter Deck 1-10  Issues 1, 2, 3, and 4.
Parts are added to a PCB to produce 10 different projects.

FM Bug   Issue 11
An easy-to-make FM transmitter

FM Radio    Issue 15
Build your own FM Radio using an IC

Guitar Practice Amplifier  Issue 14
An 8 watt guitar amplifier with fuzz control.

Hangman    Issue 6
An electronic version of Hang the Butcher.

Headlight Reminder   Issue 12
Reminds you to turn the headlights off
after you turn off the ignition.

IC Pocket Radio  - AM   Issue 8
An AM Radio using ZN414 IC

Kitt Scanner   Issue 13
Seven LEDs are scanned by a
reversing circuit to give the effect as in the KITT car.

LED Dice with Slow-Down   Issue 5
A Realistic Dice using 7 LEDs

LED Zeppelin    Issue 1
Turn on a row of 7 LED by pressing a button

Logic Probe   Issue 10
Invaluable piece of test equipment for
testing digital circuits.
to show the state of digital outputs.
Also the added feature of a mini piezo for

Logic Pulser  Issue 13
Produces pulses for injecting into logic circuits.
Normally used in conjunction with the Logic Probe kit K-LP1.

Lotto Selector   Issue 9
Displays random numbers between 0 and 99.
Can be modified not to go above 45.

Mini Mixer  Issue 6
Mixes up to 6 audio inputs to 1 output.

Music Colour   Issue 7
A set of 14 coloured LEDís flash in sync with music.

Organ   Issue 15
A simple stylus organ

Phaser Gun    Issue 7
Phaser gun sound effects.

Pill Timer   Issue 7
A long duration timer suitable for taking pills etc.

Power Supply, 1 Amp   Issue 3
A regulated power supply that can supply 5v - 15v at 1 amp.

Quick Draw Issue 5
A simple game to test who presses first.

RouLED    Issue 10
A set of 10 LEDs in a circle to give a spinning wheel effect.

Simplicity Amplifier   Issue 5
4 watt amplifier using an LM 380.

Stereo Amplifier  Issue 7
Uses 1 stereo pre-amp and 2 simplicity amps.

Stereo Mini Mixer (4 channel)   Issue 9
Mixes 2 or 3 Stereo inputs to 1 stereo output.

Stereo Pre-Amp   Issue 7
A simple stereo pre-amp with volume, base, and treble.

Seven Segment Display  Issue 2
A large 4 digit display using LEDs to create 2.5cm numbers.

Square Wave Oscillator   Issue 3
Produces frequencies from 1Hz to 100kHz

Stereo VU Meter  Issue 7
An LED bar graph to indicate audio power output.

Throttle MkII  Issue 6
A simple throttle for model train control with a
power transistor mounted off board for small enclosures.

Touch Puzzle    Issue 12
A game of skill

Tremolo   Issue 7
Tremolo effects for guitars.

Ultima      Issue 15
An FM Bug with a very good range