This is TALKING ELECTRONICS Interactive. 
It's an e-magazine for newcomers and everyone who likes to be involved with electronics. 
It's an educational e-magazine, aimed at teaching electronics from the beginning with courses, tests and interactive questions to guarantee your success.  It will also include many interesting articles and related items. 
But best of all it will contain projects that can be ordered directly from the page, by simply clicking a button such as:
You can read the e-magazine on the website or buy the CD for $9.95 and have the whole website at your fingertips.
On the website, there is a FREE section and a pay-section.
The pay section includes the Basic Electronics Course (BEC) and the  PIC Microcontroller Course.
This is the first time an educational electronics e-magazine has been presented on a  website where you can learn the basics with circuits that move on the screen to show various features and you can move components to create circuits.
The courses also contain tests so you can see how you are progressing - some of them with "auto-scoring" via JavaScript.  There are also memory tests to improve your retention. Click HERE for a sample memory test.
The internet is truly an amazing way to present information as it reaches the entire world with many features that are exactly suited to educational presentations. We will be taking advantage of many of these innovative features.
Each page is called an HTML page and will take about 1 minute to download at 28.8 Many of the files will be animated and you can save each page for viewing off-line by clicking on "File" and "Save As . . "  You can also print these pages but obviously the color and animations will not be available. An HTML page may extend to 5 or more pages when printed, so keep your printer stocked with paper.
You can log onto TALKING ELECTRONICS Interactive at any time and see the content. The projects are in the FREE section while the remainder of the site requires a special entry. See the index on the left for Projects, the first three pages of the BEC course and the first 6 pages of the PIC course.   
To obtain a link to the remainder of the pages, you will need to subscribe. A subscription costs $19.95. This will give you lifetime entry and a CD of the whole site will be sent to you.
You can subscribe at any time and the best time is when you get a problem in Basic electronics or PIC Programming.
Each month the content of the site will increase. Many of the articles, tables and data sheets will be linked, to keep information "at your finger-tips," so it's important to come back often. 

TALKING ELECTRONICS Interactive will not have a printed version.  It is however,  available on a CD so you can have all the files at your fingertips.  
TALKING ELECTRONICS Interactive is intended to help beginners understand electronics and build projects from the large range of magazines and electronic books on the market.  One of the points we will be emphasising is the need for a "hands-on" approach. The only way you can really learn electronics is to "handle the components" and "build a project." This involves construction, soldering and getting the project to work. All the kits featured in the course are designed around one or more building blocks and as you increase your knowledge of these "blocks," so your electronics knowledge will expand. The thrust of the course is for you to be able to design your own circuits and eventually move into the wonderful world of electronics as a career.
The editor has written over 25 books on electronics and produced more than 300 kits. 
Hundreds of readers already owe their success in the electronics workforce to the content of these books and now the information they contain (as well as lots of newly released projects) is on TALKING ELECTRONICS Interactive.
The revolutionary way the course is presented really can't be explained in a few words, so it's best to go to the index in the subscription section, click on the first page and see for yourself. I know you will be amazed. Over 20,000 people have already read each of the author's 25 books and you can now get an "active" version by subscribing. This is one of the advantages of the web - presentation of material at very low cost. 

I will see you later in the course, with questions and memory tests . . .  

Colin Mitchell
Interactive Edition

How to subscribe to TALKING ELECTRONICS Interactive:
Click HERE. You will be taken to the Subscription Page. Fill in your credit card details and e-mail address.  We will then send you an email with the link to the courses.
2. Save the address in your "Favourites" as Talking Electronics

Don't forget to return regularly as new pages and updates will be constantly added to the site!