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Colin Mitchell

Here is a list of some of the contents - more has been added:
Ammeter 0-1A
Automatic Garden Light
Automatic Light
Bench Power Supply
Boom Gate Lights
Buck Converter for LEDs 48mA
Buck Converter for LEDs 170mA
Buck Converter for LEDs 210mA
Cable Tracer
Clock - Make Time Fly
Colpitts Oscillator
Constant Current Source
Continuity Tester
Dancing Flower
Door-Knob Alarm
Dynamic Microphone Amplifier
Electronic Drums
Fog Horn
FRED Photopopper
Gold Detector
Guitar Fuzz
Hartley Oscillator
Heads or Tails
Hearing Aid Constant Volume
Hearing Aid Push-Pull Output
Hearing Aid 1.5v Supply
Hee Haw Siren
IC Radio
LED Detects Light
LED Flasher 1-Transistor
LED Torch with Adj Brightness
LED Torch with 1.5v Supply
Lie Detector
Light Alarm-1
Light Alarm-2
Light Alarm-3
Light Extender for Cars
Listener - phone amplifier
Logic Probe - Simple
Logic Probe with Pulse
Make Time Fly!
Making 0-1A Ammeter
Metal Detector
Microphone Pre-amplifier
Motor Speed Controller
Movement Detector
Multimeter - Voltage of Bench Supply
Music to Colour  
On-Off via push Buttons
Phaser Gun
Phone Alert
Phone Tape-1
Phone Tape-2
Phone Transmitter-1
Phone Transmitter-2
Phase-shift Oscillator
Resistor Colour Code
Robo Roller
Robot Man - Multivibrator
Schmitt Trigger
SCR with Transistors
Second Simplest Circuit
Signal by-pass
Signal Injector
Simple Logic Probe
Solar Engine
Solar Engine Type-3
Solar Photovore
Sound to Light
Sound Triggered LED
Speaker Transformer
Spy Amplifier
Strength Tester
Sun Eater-1
Sun Eater-1A
Super Ear
Ticking Bomb
Touch Switch
Train Throttle
Transistor Pinouts
Transistor Tester-1
Transistor Tester-2
Trickle Charger 12v
Walkie Talkie
Walkie Talkie with LM386
Walkie Talkie - 5 Tr - circuit 1
Walkie Talkie - 5 Tr- circuit 2
Worlds Simplest Circuit
White LED Flasher
White LED with Adj Brightness
White Line Follower
Zener Diode (making)
0-1A Ammeter
1.5v to 9v Inverter
5 LED Chaser
5 Transistor Radio
5v Regulated Supply from 3v
6 Million Gain
6 to 12 watt Fluoro Inverter
12v Relay on 6v
12v Trickle Charger
20watt Fluoro Inverter
27MHz Door Phone
27MHz Transmitter
27MHz Transmitter - no Xtal
27MHz Transmitter-Sq Wave
27MHz Transmitter-2 Ch
27MHz Transmitter-4 Ch
27MHz Receiver
27MHz Receiver-2
303MHz Transmitter

The capacitor used in  the tank circuit of the following project in the 200Transistor Circuits eBook, is 39p and the coil is 13 turns. It can be replaced with 11 turns of 0.25mm wire on 3mm dia slug 7mm long:


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