Arc Welder Simulator
New model

For model railways .  .  .  

Available  from
Talking Electronics for $5.00 USD  plus $4.50 usd postage.


This module simulates an Arc Welder in a maintenance shed.
The random flashes from the 20,000mcd white LED appear very realistic.
The module contains 2 microcontrollers and a white LED on 300mm supply leads to connect to a 9v to 12v DC power supply.
Two opaque panels are also provided for the window of the model shed to provide the realistic flashing effect.
Cost of module $5.00 usd plus $4.50 usd shipping

Question from a customer:
Can I add a BLUE LED?

The module is supplied with a 20,000mcd white LED but you can add a blue LED too. The module is supplied with 2 diffusion screens spaced apart at 5mm to give a diffused effect.
All the LEDs on the board are in series and absorb 9v so if you add a Blue LED you will need a 12v supply. 2 LEDs have micro-controllers and the white LED drops 3.2v and a blue LED will drop another 3.2v - making 12v needed to get the full brightness and about 10ma to 20mA current consumption.

Available from
Talking Electronics  for $5.00  usd plus $4.50 usd postage.

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