Here is a .pdf eBook on Basic Maths, called  MATHIZATION.  HERE is a sample of the eBook produced by Jon Albertson. It is very interesting as it covers all those basic mathematical manipulations and lots more.

(Jon has put years into this book and that's why Talking Electronics has added it to the website, to teach the mathematical side of learning.)

Here is a unique ebook for learning much about math and science, and it was written to be some helpful supplemental educational material to assist with any course, home learning, tutoring, hobby or work. The main topics in the book are Arithmetic, Algebra, Trigonometry, Advanced Mathematical Topics, Math Tables, Selected Science Topics and History, C language computer programs in the source code readable text. For a more complete list of topics, see the Table Of Contents. The download offered
HERE is a promotional versions, and donors will receive the complete ebook.

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