Disassemblers for PIC Chips

updated 5-3-2011


Here are three disassemblers for PIC Chips.

The first disassembler has been designed by Mikado:

Create a folder name it Disassembler:
Download Disassembler.zip file and place it in Disassembler folder.
Unzip the file.
Click on Mikado3.3.3e.exe and "send to desktop" (create a shortcut).
Rename the desktop icon "Disassembler"
Place the .hex file you wish to disassemble in the Disassembler folder.
Click on the "Disassembler" icon on your desktop.
The disassembler program will load
Select and click on:  HEX File to ASM file for MPASM
Click on OPEN for the location of your .hex file and insert the address.
Click on OPEN for the Include File and load P12F629.INC
Select AUTO
Select NEXT
Select CLOSE
The result of the disassembly will be placed in the Disassembler folder.
Use NotePad or Word to open the file.

The second disassembler has been designed by Norbert Hagemann.
Download: Disassembler 104.zip

The third disassembler is the one that works best:
It is: DISASM.zip  This file will unzip to DISASM.EXE   You can download DISASM.EXE if you do not have unzip feature, however most providers do not allow you download a .exe file from the web and the .zip file has been included.

You also need the following two files:

Place them all in the same folder and click on DISASM.EXE 
Load the .hex file you want converted to .asm and the result will appear in the  window.
Save the file as "-2.asm" and it will be saved in the same folder.