Burning a Chip Page2

This is the actual PROGRAMMING or DOWNLOADING A PROGRAM section. This is what you have been waiting for. This is where you actually put a program into the PIC chip and see what happens. 
The things you need are:

-  the 5x7
Display Project (fully built) with 6v battery. See construction HERE.
- an interface cable (the components come with the Multi-Chip Programmer).
- IC-Prog.exe Click HERE.
(See below first)
- a computer.



Build the 5x7 Display Project, insert the PIC chip and switch ON. The TEST ROUTINE in the chip will display features on the screen to test each of the LEDs and also the correct wiring of the components. Go to: Test Routine to see the test routine program.
If the Test Routine produces the correct display on the screen you are ready for the next step.

To load the experiments into the PIC chip you need a program called: IC-Prog.
All the .hex files for the project are in 5x7hexFiles.zip.  See above for downloading. Put the 5x7hexFiles.zip  file in IC-Prog folder. This will put the .hex files and IC-Prog program in the same folder and make it easy to load each .hex file into IC-Prog. Unzip the 5x7hexFiles.zip file in the folder. This will produce more than 35 .hex files. 

. Make sure the 5x7 Display project is switched ON. Make sure the interface cable is connected. Slide the run/pgm switch to pgm. 
"Burn" the chip by using IC-Prog.
Slide the run/pgm switch to run and the screen will show the results of the program.