How to




So, you want to be an ELECTRICIAN or something in the electrical-trades industry. 

Basically, an electrical contractor carries out wiring of houses, shops and factories.
You can also specialize in automotive work as an AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRICIAN or MARINE
ELECTRICIAN or MINING and you can also specialize in sub-stations with busses and power control.

No matter what you want to do, you have to "get your foot in the door," and start to work in the field to see how you like it.
It's not an easy job and not a hard job.
It's not a sit-down desk-job and you will be on your feet all day, wiring or fitting-off or doing something to finish the job.

The first thing to do is go to a half-finished house or factory and watch electricians at work.
See if this sort of work interests you.
Stand on a ladder and put your hands in the air for 4 hours and see how tiring it is.
Climb under the floor or into the roof-space and see how you feel in a closed, confined, dirty space.
It's a manual job with the skills and energy needed to dig a trench, right down to screwing components in place with fine screws.
It's a job where you cannot afford to make a mistake as others will reply on the quality of your workmanship for the next 70 years.

To get into this field of work, you need to have an interest and PASSION for electrical-things and need to have an understanding of AC, DC and ELECTRONICS as many appliances, lights and controllers require AC or DC for their operation and many contain electronics components. You need to know how to connect them correctly.

The correct description for this field of study is ELECTRICAL with ELECTRONICS and since there are so many areas of study, you need to go to your nearest college and read the description of the courses and what they cover.
Sub-sections you can study include POWER ELECTRICAL, DISTRIBUTION, INDUSTRIAL, DESIGN, AUTOMOTIVE, MARINE, MINING, and the list goes on.