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Most people are familiar with the adventures of a certain black Trans-Am with 5000 Megabit memory.
This car started life as emotionless and argumentative but by the time it smashed its way through the first episode, everybody wanted to own it.
MPC released a model of the Knight 2000 in 1983 and the first shipment sold out before I could get my hands on one. Thirty shops later.. success!
The, MPC model is moulded in black plastic with dark tinted windows and a few chrome parts. The car is supplied with a red tail light but unfortunately the scanner is part of the black moulding.
To make the model more of an attention-getter, I decided to put a working scanner into it.
This project is the results of my design.
The scanner is made on a small PC board and mounted under the bonnet so that the LEDs shine through a piece of red plastic glued in place of the black plastic moulding.
The turbo V8 engine, drive shaft and exhaust system must also be removed to make room for the PC board.
The first comment you may make is KITT has 7 lights and the scanner only 6. We could only design a simple circuit for 6 LEDs and unfortunately only 6 would fit.

A view of the completed KITT Scanner

The complete project

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