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The best fun you can have with an FM Radio and Transmitter is: "FIND THE TRANSMITTER."
This is not easy to do and even an expert will have trouble finding a transmitter in a room.
But it's a lot of fun and helps you understand the concepts of radio signals and reception.
To "home-in" on a transmitter, you need either a radio that is not very sensitive or Radio Direction Finding."
The only way to reduce the sensitivity of a radio is to reduce the length of the antenna or wrap it in aluminium foil.
This allows you to get closer and closer to a transmitter.
For Ham Radio enthusiasts this is called FOX HUNT and you can do the same thing with a very small, inexpensive FM Beeper.
This section explains how to make a FOX HUNT transmitter. It's one of the simplest transmitters but it needs a little bit of skill the assemble because it is very small.

The transistor is doing two things. It is oscillating at 100MHz