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Welcome to TALKING ELECTRONICS Interactive
These "Discussion" pages let you know how we have structured this site, as well as provide answers to the numerous emails we get each day.
The site not a collection of "odd projects" and "ideas" that lead no-where.
It has been developed from resources that have been built-up over a period of 20 years by a teacher of electronics, Colin Mitchell, who has had his own electronics design-and-service business and employed staff to manufacture all types of electronic products.
During this time Colin has written 25 electronics books containing projects for the hobbyist and articles to help you understand the "jargon" of electronics.
This site contains many of these projects as well as a number of new designs. They all  "dove-tail" into each other to build a library that will help you enormously when creating your own projects.
All you have to do is work your way through the pages and "electronics will come alive."
If you have ever wanted to pursue a career in electronics, now is the time. The projects start at the beginning with simple designs and take you through to microcontroller applications.   
Electronics is  one of the most enjoyable fields you can experience and can offer a life-long career.
Colin Mitchell has never "gone to work" in his life. "Work" has always been an interest, a challenge and an enjoyment.
By taking up electronics, your life can be filled with an interesting career that makes it a pleasure to be involved in.
The range of areas is enormous, from low-voltage, consumer, industrial, servicing, design, analogue, digital or programming, to name a few.
No matter what your areas-of-interest, electronics can find an application.
Our website offers the first "stepping-stone." It gives you the "feel" of electronics and lets you know how it works.
All you have to do is put a project together and feel the sense of achievement.
If you like handling small components and soldering, you have found your niche.
If you can "see" how a simple circuit works, you are well on your way to understanding the things we will be presenting.

How much do you know about electronics?  Click Here for a 50 question test.

Colin Mitchell,

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