It comes in 2 forms.  

1. Word Document - 14MB 
2. .pdf  - 12MB  

It has been updated on 18-5-2017 and is now 20 FM Bugs

1. Word Document   - click this link if you want to view the file in Word. You can then save it to your computer, after it has downloaded.
2. .pdf   - click this link if you want to save the file on your computer as a .pdf so you can read it later.
Open .pdf file, click on sizing box (box with %) and select "fit window."  For scrolling option, select the icon with the arrows in up, down and sideways direction. This way you can view the pages in miniature and stop on the circuits you want to investigate.

Colin Mitchell

All the projects in 20 FM Bugs are available as a kit.
email Colin Mitchell for a price list:

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Here are the prices of the FM transmitter kits: (kits contain all components and printed circuit board with overlay on top and solder mask)

Amoeba K-AMO1  $11.60
Ant K-ANT1 $10.60
Beeper Bug  K-BB1  $8.75
Beetle MkII  K-BEET2  $16.25
Beetle MkIII  K-BEET3  $22.90
CD - Talking Electronics CD - contains the whole website  $10.00

Cricket   K-CRI1   $9.65
Crystal Locked Beeper Transmitter   K-CLB1   $24.40
Crystal Locked Bug   K-CLB2    $25.40
Cube Of Sugar Bug   K-COS1   $14.05
Dish Bug   K-DB1   $15.20
Earwig   K-EAR1   $11.25
FM Bug   K-FMB1   $11.60
FM Radio   K-FMR1   $26.05
Gnat  K-GNA1  $10.50   
Micro Bug  K-MB  $14.50
Pen Bug Mk III   K-PB3  $14.60
Phone Bug  $15.00
Siliverfish FM Bug     K-Sil   $14.50
Spy Bug   K-PA1   $19.55
Ultima   K-ULT1   $15.20 
Vox MkII    K-VOX2  $21.45
Vox Bug MkIV   K-VOX4   $25.80
Vox Bug MkV   K-VOX5   $38.20
Voyager MkII   K-VOY2  $12.90
Wasp   K-WAS1   $12.30

Postage $6.50 (for up to 4 kits)
Please log into your paypal account and send a payment to for $xx.xx   AUD

And send your name and address and I will send the item(s).

or send an email to:
Colin Mitchell:

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