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Chapter 1
12 FREE PIC Books

Chapter 2
Talking About Micro's

Chapter 2a

State Machine

Chapter 3
Start HERE with PIC12F629

Chapter 4 
In Circuit Programming

Chapter 5
Changing Micros

Chapter 6
Delay Codes
blank template
Decimal to HEX

Coding Problems, or
  Program Problems, or
  Writing Problems

Chapter 7
Start Here with PIC16F628
PIC16F628 Instructions
PIC16F628 Data (.pdf)
PICkit-2 programmer

Chapter 8
Other people's programs (to
help you write code)
Elmer 160 (
PIC lessons
on the web - by J McDonough

Click HERE for new frame
Gooligum PIC Tutorials

Chapter 9
Converting PIC'508A code
to PIC12F629 code

Some of these projects
are not yet finished:

+ 2 Digit Up/Down Counter  
+ 12Fxxx ProtoBoard   
+ 7x5 Games Console   
+ Alarm - Space Gun   
+ Audio CRO   
+ Bike & Car Gears   
+ Call Reminder   
+ Code Puzzle
+ Dial Alarm-2
+ Dual LED 5x7 Display
+ EEPROM Write
+ Fish Shop Timer
+ Inductance Meter
+ Mini Frequency Counter
+ Sky Writer
+ Spin The Dice
+ Stroop Game
+ Talk To Me
+ Whistle Key Finder
Things you will need:
blank template
Decimal to HEX
Disassembly   zip   exe
Code Microsoft Library (unzip
it into a folder CML.)
.inc files
IC Prog 106B   (Help file)
Instructions for PIC12F629
Library of Routines   A-E
Library of Routines   E-P
Library of Routines   P-Z
Multi Chip Programmer
PIC Chip List
PIC Programmer
Prototyping Boards
PIC10F200 - 6 pin SM micro
PIC10F222 - DICE
PIC10F200 - Ignition/starter
PIC12F629 Data (.pdf  4.9MB)
PICkit-2 programmer
PICkit-2 from Modtronix
6 pin - 5 pin adapter
Surface Mount PC Board
S/mount Diodes/Zeners
Surface Mount LEDs
Surface Mount Resistors
Surface Mount Transistors
Surface Mount Outlines