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Weekly Newsletter

A NEW Transistor Test
"0" & "X's" game Tic Tac Toe
1amp Power Supply MkII
   0v to 12v
    0 - 1amp (adjustable)
1,000 Electronics Q's
2 Amp Power Supply
2-Digit Up/Down Counter
Lap Counter (2 digit)
2-Input Alarm P1  P2  P3
2 Sector House Alarm $12.50
$35 CRO - Oscilloscope
4 Channel Remote Control
4 Way Traffic Lights
4 Digit Counter - $25.00 !!
4 Points CDU Controller
4 Siren Sounds
4 Zone Alarm
5-Input Alarm
5 Projects on a PC board
The 555  P1  P2  P3  Test
5x7 Display
5v Power Supply
5v Solar Charger
7x5 Games Console
8 to 18 Pin Adapter
12 Digit Running Sign

12v Fluorescent Inverter

15x7 Display 
18 LED Display-1
18 LED Display-2
26v Module  - Track to 26v
27MHz Field Strength Meter
27MHz Transmitters

27MHz Receiver - 2Channel
30 LED Projects

30w + 30w Amplifier

37 Arduino Sensors .pdf
37 Sensors -
no more kits
50 Questions
50 555 Circuits

555+4017 Display kit
70 Interesting Circuits
75 Model Railway Projects

100 IC Circuits eBook

100 Transistor Tricks

200 Transistor Ccts

eBook1   1-100 Cct
eBook2  101-200 Ccts


303MHz Transmitters

555 PC Board for any circuit
1,000's of LINKS  P2
1,000 Electronics Questions
Actuator (linear)
Complete course in
   Electrical & Electronics
   21.3Meg (zip)
Alarm (Dial Alarm-2)
Alarm 4-Zone 
Alarm - Space Gun
All About Circuits
   theory for Beginners)
All IC Prices & pdf's
All our KITS (with photos)
All Kit Prices
(30kb text)
All sorts of Electronics Mags
Amplifier mini bench
Amplifiers - transistor  NEW
Arc Welder (model railways)
Arc Welder - NEW  $5.00
and links 
Links: P1  P2  Other authors
Articles by Other Authors

Audio Amplifier (mini)
Automatic AA Charger
Automatic Shuttle
(model railways)
Basic Electronics 1A
Transistor Test

Basic Maths eBook
Battery Box
Battery Charger 12v SLA
Battery Faults
BEC Course P1  P2    P3
Become an Electrician
Beeper Bug Mini Tracker
Beeper Bug - micro
Beetle Mk III
Bench Amplifier mini
Bike Gears Up/down Count

Boom Gates   NEW
Boxes for projects
Breakdown Beacon $5.50
             (Warning Lamp)
Bug Detector (mini)
Bugs - FM transmitters
Buy CD
- $10.00 posted
Burglar Alarm 4-Zone
Buzz Logic Probe
Cable Tracer
(see also Mains Tracer)
Capacitor - How it works
Capacitance Meter
Capacitor Discharge Unit-2
Car Gears Up/down Count
 - also for Motorbikes 0-6 gears
CD of whole site
CDU -1,000u - slim   NEW
CDU-18,000u - flat version
CDU-18,000u - slimline version
CDU for 4 points
CDU - Inline version
CDU - Jim's CDU MkII   NEW
CDU with SPDT Switch
(see 75
Model Railway Projects for all CDU's)
Charging NiMH Cells
Chip Data E-book
Chip Programmer - F
Circuits On the Web
Circuit Symbols
Circuit Tricks - NEW
Combination Lock MkII
Complete INDEX
Component Symbols
Compress - 555+4017 Display
Computer TEC-1
Continuity Tester
Continuity Tester $2.50  NEW
Counter for Lifts
Crystal Locked FM Bug
CRO - $35 CRO
Crystal Set - The   NEW
Crossing Lights - Jim's MkIV
Crossing Sound MkII
Data Book 1  NEW
Data Books
Data Sheets
DCC Modules
for Model Railway
[Digital Control]
Dual DCC Controller
DCC Decoder for loco
DCC Decoder for point
(using CDU activation)
DCC Decoder for point
using TURTLE slow point

DCC Point ID
DCC Dual Throttle
Dial Alarm-2  
 - LED Dice
Dice  - PIC Dice
Diesel Sound   PDF
Diode - How A Diode Works
Disassembler for PIC Chips
Discussions 1  2 .. 14 15
Do It NOW - decision maker
Download (files) (left click)
Download eBooks
Download whole site $10.00
Draw your own Circuits

Dwarf Signal
- 2-Aspect
for modelrailway

Earwig  - FM Tx
eBooks (to download) electronics forum
Electrician - Become an
Electronics Guide
Electronics Tutorial
Elektor,EPE,Silicon Chip
Expand - 555+4017 Display
Field Strength Meter MkI
Field Strength Meter MkII
Flasher Circuits
Flip Flop the
Fluorescent Inverter
FM Bug - Silverfish (pdf)
FM Bug - transmitter
FM Bugs - 20 Bugs
FM Bug -
Slug Tuned $8.00
FM Transmitters  Spy Ccts
FREE CD - for subscribers
FREE PC Boards
electrifying a
model railway FROG

Fox Hunt
Gold Detector Article
Handy Timer
Happy Birthday - tune
H-Bridge  The
Hearing Aid (Inductive)
Hearing Aid - circuits 2&3
Home Alarm 4-Zone
How BD679 Works
How to Solder
IC data
IC Prices & pdf's
IC Radio
.inc files

Ink Cartridges - filling
Inductor - The
Inertia Switch
Instructables - 1,000 kits
Instructions for PIC chips
Integrated Circuits data

Intro to FM bugs P1   P2
IR Detector
IQ Test
It's A Small World - tune
Jim's Crossing Lights - MkIV
John Iovine's Column
Joule Thief circuits
Joule Thief  NEW KIT
Kato Point Controller
Key Hole Light
Keypad  4x4
Keypad Controller
Kitt Scanner
KITS (with photos)
Lap Counter (2 digit)
Latest Items
Learning Electronics
LED Dice
LED Dice with PIC
LED Flasher

LED FX - uses a PIC12F628
LED Power Meter
LED Tester (with continuity)
LED Torch Circuits
LED Zeppelin
Lego Chaser - uses a PIC12F629
Level Crossing
Level Crossing Lights
Library of routines for
PIC12F629  A-E  E-P  P-Z
Lift Counter
Lighthouse Light -1or2 flashes
Linear Actuator
Links: P1  P2  Other authors
see also: Articles and links 
Loco Stop- for model

Logic Designer
Logic Probe - Buzz
Logic Probe - Super Probe
Logic Probe MkIIB
Logic Probe/Pulser
Logic Probe $9.00
Logic Pulser
Log In - subscribers
Long Duration Timer

Lotto Selector
Magazines & Books
Mains Tracer - with Probe

(see also cable tracer)
Make Magazine  NEW  
Make your own PCB's
Maths eBook
Mechanical TV
Metal Detector  MkI  MkII
Metal Detector - Nail Finder
Metal Detector Article
Metal Detector Circuits
Micro Bug  P1  P2

Micro Bug Tracker
Microcontroller Books
Microcontroller Projects
Mini Bench Amplifier
Mini Tracker
and see micro
Electronics for
Model Railways 1&2:
Air Horn
Boom Gates   NEW
Breakdown Beacon $5.50
Capacitor Discharge
Lots more CDU's HERE
Crossing Boom Control
Crossing Expansion
Crossing Lights
and seeLevelCrossingLights
Crossing Sound
Crossing Sound MkII 
Delay Module
Diesel Sound
Economy Power Supply
Fibre Optics
Flashing Railroad Lights
Fluorescent Simulator
Hex Train Sensors
LED Resistors
Level Crossing
Level Crossing Lights
Light Chaser
Light Sequencer
Pedestrian Crossing
Power Supply
PWM Throttle (simple)
Railway Time
Remote Relay Unit
Reversing a Motor
Rotating Lights
Scale Fluorescent Lamps
Searchlight Adapter
Servo Driver
Shop Display Driver
Shop Displays
Signals  Signals  Video
Simple PWM Throttle
Three Coloured LEDs
Time - Railway
Traffic Lights
Train Detector
Tunnel Stretcher
Walk-Around Throttle
Warning Lamp Unit
75 Model Railway Projects

Book: Electronics for Model Railways-1   $7.00

.pdf of Electronics for
Model Railways-1

Electronics for Model Railways-2 out of stock
EMR-2 .pdf  (56MB) free

New free Book: Electronics theory for Model Railways

Model Railway kits
Model Railway Point Controller
      - 4 points Controller
More Good Websites
Motorbike 0-6 gears
MPASM     .inc files
Multimeter  - using the
Newsletter P1 P2 P3 P4
Newsletter Weekly
Nim - Computer Game
NiMH Cells - charging
Nitinol (muscle wire)
N Gauge Railway Modules
Noughts and Crosses game
Operational Amplifier
Oscilloscope - $35 CRO
PCB Terms
PCB's - make your own
PCB - CAD Programs
PDF files
Pen Bug MkIV
Phone Ring

PIC Course - free pages:
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6

Pick A PIC Project
PIC10F2xx Projects
PIC12F629 Projects

PIC Burner Board
PIC Dice
PIC Fx  -
learn to
          program PIC chips
PIC Instructions for chips
PICkit-3 Set-up
PIC Lab-1

Pick Lick-1  P1  P2
PIC Micro Projects
PIC Micro Projects -
List of PIC Projects:
 - Alarm Space Gun
Alarm 4-Zone
 - All PIC data etc
 - Audio CRO
 - Bee Counter
 - Bike Gears Up/dwn
 -  Burglar Alarm 4-Zone
 Combination Lock MkII
 - Count to 10 Million
 - Counter - 4 Digit - $25.00
 - Dial Alarm-2
 - Do It NOW - decision maker
 - EEPROM Speed
 - Electrolytic Tester
 - Handy Timer
 - Happy Birthday
Alarm 4-Zone
 - It's A Small World
 - Joy Stick Controller
Keypad  4x4
 - LED Dice with PIC
 - Lego Chaser
 - Lift Counter
 - Logic Probe/Pulser
 - Mechanical TV
 - Music Box
 - Nim - Computer Game
PIC Dice
 - PIC Lick-1
 P1  P2  
 - RGB LED Driver
 - Robot Beacon P1  P2
 - Running Display
 - Servo Motor Controller
 - Simon  P1  P2  P3  P4  P5
 - Simple Timer
 - Sky Writer 
 - Solar Tracker-1
 - Space Gun alarm
 - Stepper Motor Controller
 - Stroop Game
 - Super Probe MkII
19 functions
 - Tic Tac Toe
 - Timer - Simple
 - Touch Switch
 - Whistle Key Finder
 - Worlds Simplest Program
 - 2 Digit Counter
 - 2 Digit Up/Down Counter
 - 2-Input Alarm P1  P2  P3
 - 2 Things at Once
 - 4 Digit Counter - $25.00
 - 4-Zone House Alarm
 - 5x7 Display
 - 8 to 18 Pin Adapter
 - 12 Digit Running Sign
 - 15x7 Display
 - 20 LED Badge
Plug Pack Regulator
Point Controllers
for Model Railway
PointController - Motor/Gearbox
PointController - SPDT Switch
Point Controller for 5 Points
PointController555 - Servo
Popular Kits
Power Supply 5v Solar
Power Supply - cheap
Power Supply The
Power Supply MkII  NEW
   0v to 12v
    0 - 1amp (adjustable)

Probe - Logic Probe
Programmer for PIC12F629
Programming Files
Projects Under $10.00

Prototyping Boards
Push-Pull output
Railway Projects
(see Electronics for Model Railways)
R/C Model Tracker
(track your model aircraft)
Reaction Timer
Reading - Speed Reading
Remote Control - 4 Channel
Resistance Calculator
Resistors:  1%   5%

Resistors: SMD EIA
RGB LED Driver
Robot Beacon P1  P2 
Robot Links
Routines for PIC12F629 
            A-E  E-P  P-Z

Running Display
Screamer Siren
See a lot of new Model
Railway projects in:

75 Model Railway Projects
Semaphore Signal Module
Servo -
the   - NEW
Servo Speed
- animate things
Shuttle - automatic (model railways)
Signals  (train signals)
Silverfish (pdf) - FM Bug
Sign-up for FREE Projects
Simon  P1  P2  P3  P4  P5
Siren Sounds - 4
Sky Writer
SLA Battery Charger 12v
Solar 5v Supply
Solar Charger  Push-Pull
Solar Light
Solder - how to

Sound - Diesel   PDF
Speed Reading
Spinning Sign
Spin The Dice
Spot Mistakes:  P1  P2  P3
P4   . .  P13  P14  P15  P16
P17  P18  P19  P20  P21 
P22  P23  P24  P25  P26 
P27  P28 P29   P30  P31 
P32  P33
Spy Bugs - 20 Bugs  - NEW
Spy Circuits -  NEW
Square Wave Oscillator
Start here with PIC12C508A
Start here with PIC12F629
Start here with PIC16F628
Station STOP - for model

Steam Sound
Stereo VU Meter   PDF
Stress Meter
Stroop Game - game of skill
Sub-routines for:
PIC12F629  A-E  E-P  P-Z
Surface Mount
Surface Mount Markings
Surface Mount PCB's

Super Probe MkII
19 functions

Symbols (components)

TEC-1 Computer
more here  PCB here

Talking Electronics

List of all Projects

Testing Electronic

Test Gear

Text Books
Throttle - DCC
Throttle MkI
TicTacToe P1  P2  P3  P4 
Timer - Handy Timer
Timer - Long Duration
To-Fro (for model railways)
(automatic train reverser)
(automatic Shuttle)

Torch Circuits - LED
Touch Switch Circuits
Tracking Transmitter
Tracking Transmitter - mico
Track Tester
Track to 26v
Train Detector -with crossing lights
Transformerless Power Supply
The REAL Transistor Amplifier
The Transistor Amp - 1 page
- common emitter
 - common collector
 - emitter follower
 - common base
- common base
 - Push-Pull output
The Transistor is a

Transistor Amplifier-The NEW

Transistor Data
Transistor Test   NEW
Transistor Tester $4.00
Transmitters 27 & 303MHz
Tunnel Stretcher
Turtle Point Controller
Ultima  - 1k FM Bug
UJT - The

Interview #2  #3 #4 #5
Videos - by Dave L Jones
Video - latest Videos
Voyager  P1  P2 
VU Meter     PDF

Warning Lamp $5.50
  (Breakdown Beacon)
Wasp P1  P2  P3  P4
Weekly Newsletter
Wind Speed
Wireless Doorbell
Worlds Simplest Program
Xenon-9 Speed Controller
Xenon Flasher
Zener Diode - see diode

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