You will need these:
PIC12F629 Pinout   PIC16F628 Pinout  Files in PIC12F629 and PIC16F628
Software for PIC Programmer MkV - Icprog105c
List of Instructions for PIC12F629    then go to: Explaining the Instructions  &  more details
List of Instructions for PIC16F628   then go to: Explaining the Instructions   &   more details
Blank template for PIC12F629 or select a PIC12F629 project and remove unwanted code.
Blank template for PIC16F628 or select a PIC16F628 project and remove unwanted code.

This is a list of projects using PIC microcontrollers
plus data sheets and other files.

18-LED Display - a PIC12F629 project using 18 LEDs and a piezo
2-Input Alarm An alarm using a PIC16F628.
5x7 Display - a demonstration project for PIC16F84A
Dial Alarm-2   A compact alarm that dials you when an intrusion has been detected
Elector - see more projects in this section
Multi Chip Programmer - programmer for 16 and 18 pin PIC chips
Multi Chip Programmer-F - programmer for PIC12F628 PIC chips

PIC LAB-1 A demonstration project to teach PIC16F84A programming.
Programmer for PIC12F629
Robot Beacon P1  P2  Project using PIC12C508 microcontroller.
Start here with PIC12C508A
Start here with PIC12F629
Start here with PIC16F628

Stress Meter - a PIC12F629 project using 18 LEDs and a piezo to produce a "Stress" game.
Stroop Game - an interesting game to test you co-ordination
TicTacToe P1  P2  P3  P4  A game using a PIC16F628. The program shows how to produce "intelligence."
zzzzzz   -   more projects and ideas and information in Elector

Pic Programmer MkV  Simple PIC programmer uses just 12 Parts

Alarm Space Gun uses PIC12F629
Audio CRO uses PIC12F629 to produce a simple audio CRO
Happy Birthday - uses only a piezo and PIC12F629  to produce Happy Birthday tune
It's A Small World - uses a piezo and PIC12F629  to produce It's A Small World tune 

LED FX - different effects on a 3-LED display - uses a PIC12F629.
Lego Chaser - Seven routines on two sets of 10 LEDs - uses a PIC12F629
Lift Counter Uses a PIC12F629 with LED display and up/down buttons
Whistle Uses a PIC12F629 to detect a whistle - similar to Whistle Key Finder.

2 Digit Counter using a PIC12F629
2 Digit Up/Down Counter  5 different designs. Uses PIC12F629 or PIC16F628 chips.

Dial Alarm-2 Dials 2 phone numbers via DTMF and produces a Hee Haw Sound. Has in-built microphone to listen to the target zone. Uses a PIC16F628
PIC Lick-1  A development board for the PIC16F628
Simon 4 buttons are used to repeat a sequence of Lights and sounds. Uses a PIC16F628
Stroop Game A very interesting Psychological game named after the doctor who introduced the test. Uses a PIC16F628
Tic Tac Toe  A challenging game where the computer wins or draws. Uses a PIC16F628.
15x7 Display using a PIC16F628
2 Digit Up/Down Counter  5 different designs. Uses PIC12F629 or PIC16F628 chips.

PIC12F629 Data Sheet (.pdf  4,926KB)
blank12F629.asm template
Disassembler for PIC16F84 - can also be used for PIC12F629
PIC12F675.zip 2038 KB
PIC16F628.zip 1231 KB

Library of Sub-routines "Cut and Paste" for PIC12F629
Library of routines:   A-E   E-P   P-Z  for PIC12F629